We were so sad because we didn't think Blonco was going to pull through - his poor little legs just would not straighten out - so I massaged and put pressure on the tendon gently, then a series of splints and 1 leg straightened out and now, with the help of the splint, he's trying to do back flips and now he is RUNNING! A miracle, but now I don't know that I can keep up with him.  Going through 5 bottles of milk a day.

The little white pony's name is Bullet - he is a stud pony - mane reaches the ground.

The wild white mustang "Ghost" and Centavos got out in the middle of the night and Centavos got into our oats and bloated up, so first thing this morning, Ron got on him and rode him to get his system moving - didn't want him going down. We think that wild mustang is proud cut - he kicked our horses bloody - I put him on Craigs list today - he needs to go.

Ron is still dealing with the plumbing problem and very frustrated about now.
Blanco is running around the motorhome butting everything, including me - can't believe he's only 5 days old and I cant believe Ron is putting up with him, but Ron is smiling.  Now, I have to get a leash for Blanco - he's running now and outrunning me