Well, we've arrived in Benson Az - we are staying at the Arena Bar - roping arena with a bar - we are staying beyond the arena next to the roping cows and it is a dust bowl and Ron is not happy - we had the horses in a round corral and then had nothing to chew on so we had to go buy more hay! Getting expensive! Thanks to Joanne Hedge, who contributed to our "pony fund"! Any of you kind souls out there that would like to contribute to the "Dakotah Pony Fund" - a dollar goes a long way and it's easy - we have a paypal link on this website.  It takes great humility to ask, but ask I must.  We will take off tomorrow and head towards Tombstone - we will make a loop around Bisbee, Grass valley and the such and look for a home.  I like the looks of the art district of Tucson and frankly, I'm tired of driving - Everyone but Ron is losing weight.  The horses are drawn up from trying to balance in the trailer, the chickens are stressed and they keep pulling each other's feathers out.  Every day we travel, we have to put them in separate cages and bring them in the motorhome while we travel. 

The pictures I'm putting up now are Ron & I & Mom in Old Mesilla in Las Cruces - very kool district - I could have made some money selling my art and hats there,  The birds were in a bar in Old Mesilla. Ron dumping the Potty in Ft. Seldon; Rocks  across from a rest stop before coming into Benson. Some cows at the roping arena; picture of a cactus behind the Rodeo grounds where we stayed last night in Safford, Az; Pictures of my dirty boots!!!! I need new boots bad!

Yesterday, as we left Las Cruces, the oil guage went wacko and of course there wasn't an auto place til we got to Deming and then he wouldn't stop, he thought he fixed it and then of course,(they don't fix themselves) we got to Lourdsburg - what a hole that place was - no auto store, depressed nothing. Got to Safford, got the part and Ron fixed it - thank God Ron is a mechanic! That was a stressful day. Every day is an adventure! I'm getting too old for all this fun.

We can be reached at 408-205-0997 or through this email!

MAY THE HORSE BE WITH YOU! and chickens and dogs.