Ron and I took the stagecoach out to the State Natural Area for Ranch Heritage days.  I even got Ron into a costume, but on him, he just looked like the part!  He was born 100 years too late!

The elderly gentleman that I photographed is Kevin Fitzpatrick's father. Kevin is a world famous trick roper and the real deal - look him up.  Well, I had the pleasure of listening to him tell how Kevin learned to rope - wish I had had a tape recorder - it was classic!

Well - had to put the big white fluffy thing on the bed today - getting a cold spell in Texas - Ron is estatic,, me not so much - reminds me of Montana.

I've lost control of the chickens, fences can't keep them in - we almost lost them the other night - look at the size of that Possum whom Ron trapped in the chicken coop all night (minus the chickens) - chickens were so spooked that Ron had to force them into their house for 3 nights and even the goats wouldn't sleep in their house.

Thanks to Jeannie Parker for donating the services of the stagecoach and Scott Kelly with his chuckwagon and wonderful stew!

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