Well, yet another parade for Ron and I here in Bandera - the stagecoach was a big hit - too bad we didn't have 4 up, but don't have the harness yet for it - also don't know if we won our division! We came around that corner and there was a sea of thousands of people - the horses did great!  Our outrider, who by the way was a great help, was Jeannie Beauxbonnes who owns Desert Hearts Cowgirl Club Trail Rides.

After the parade, we went to Jeannie Parker's new Cadillac Cottage for rent for the grand opening and Kelly Scott was there with chuckwagon stew and biscuits.  The gentleman with the picture is Larry, the cable guy's uncle and man do they sound alike - he says larry got his accent from him - our stagecoach is parked in his front yard. For some reason that pic won't load  so will include in next post.