Well, after a long hard trip, this is the end of the trail as far as I'm concerned.  We've been staying in the back yard of a dear sweet man who is a character - Howard Smith.  My friend in Colorado, Jerry McElroy has a brother in San Antonio who used to play in a band where Howard used to hang out, so a few emails later, I get an email from Howard who rescued us.  He made it real clear that we were not staying long, so we've been out beating the bushes.  We are meeting with a lady tomorrow who is a friend of Howards - the famous Jeannie Parker.  Cowgirl, horse rescuer, wagon driver - she has a big place and a wagon and wants to do wagon rides.  We are going to see her tomorrow.  Then my friend Dawn in Az turned me on to Brighter Days Horse Refuge here in Pipe Creek and we are meeting with them tomorrow, but the most interesting person so far has been Bill Rivers of Lightning Ranch here in Pipe Creek.  Bill was a famous animal trainer in California - he has two diving donkeys that dive off huge towers into a pool of water - can't wait to see that!  What's even more interesting - we are driving I-10 coming into Kerrville and Ron and I see a horse trailer with CAMELS! - couldn't imagine where they were going - turns out they were going to this ranch - Lightning Ranch - just a block from where we are staying. www.lightningranch.com - If you're in the area, you must stop by this ranch and take a ride and check out the camels and bufallo and watusi's.  The ranch is for sale y'all!  Anyway, we went into Bandera the other day and started knocking on doors and I met this wonderful man named Lou at Bunkhouse leather and he was so helpful and kind and he turned us on to Bill at Lightning Ranch. Said he had room for us. So, we talked to Bill and he showed us where we could stay, so we have some backup places to stay.  Stopped by Silver Saddle Realty today and talked to Karen - she was supportive and kind.  There are all sorts of abandoned places, so I've emailed the tax collector and asked to see records - who knows.
Of course, Ron is still cursing over the hay prices here, but oh well, at least there is some grass here.

I have to tell you though, the friendliest people ever in Texas - everyone has been so helpful and kind.

Howard took us to Cowboy Church on Sunday and everyone was so nice and they had a great band and a preacher who was quite a character.  Did I tell you how much I love Texans and their accents!

MAY THE HORSE BE WITH YOU!  Wish us luck!  We can be reached at 408-205-0997 or rustycowboys@gmail.com

 Isn't this cute - out in front of a wonderful antique store in Banderaa

The mule is in front of Bunkhouse leather.  The horses are from the Brighter Days Refuge