Ron and I have never consistently met so many nice people as since we've been in the hill country! Everyone is trying to help and make suggestions and find a place for us to land. Since Ron is going to be doing the carriage for Jeannie Parker from the Kadilec Ranch, it makes more sense for us to be based there and drive the carriage into town, rather than hooking uand unhooking the horse trailer.  I got Ron's publicity book together with all the newspaper interviews from the last few years. All the newspaper articles from the last 20 years are missing.  We're going over to Jeannie's tomorrow and meet with her shoer, Skip - a wonderful shoer who specializes in drafts and belgians. We need special shoes for our team for pavement.

There is a wonderful group of characters here called the Bandera Cattle Company (there are some pics of these folks below).  They do shootouts in Bandera, I believe 3 times a day. I emailed them to find out when and where they shoot each other so we can get the horses accustomed to the guns - although, after what these horses have been through, such as trotting down the interestate with semis going by 80 mph, I don't think we have anything to worry about.

There is a very quaint cowboy bar called the 11th Street Cowboy Bar which has tons of character - can't wait to take pics of it.

Ennis, Montana (where we are from) should take a look at Bandera and get some ideas.

Hopefully, Bandera will like my cowgirl/cowboy cutouts - I plan to paint somewhere in town while Ron is giving rides.

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