Well, we did our first Bandera wedding - a wonderful couple from England wantedf a real Texas cowboy wedding, so we gabe them one.  Kelly Scott was there with his chuckwagon and Jeannie rode her big horse Peanut and Ron and I drove the carriage and took them down to the Longhorn Saloon for their reception.

BLANCO GOT A NEW GIRLFRIEND! Jeannie brought over the most beautiful little girl goat for blanco - her name is gypsy, but she is wild. I have her eating corn chips out of my hand, but she doesn't want to be touched yet and blanco is jealous and butts her without mercy - I raised a brat.

Jeannie gave the wild mustang to Ron and he's been doing great work with him, but hes' still scared to death.  He named him Cisco.

Look at the picture of Gypsy and Willie Nelson (the rooster) having a showdown.

We're doing good and loving Bandera.  We can be reached at 408-205-0997 or rustycowboys@gmail.com