This was a rare day in February in Montana - 50 degrees and no wind, so we spent no time saddling up the horses! That's me on Yuma (my wonderful Christmas present) and Ron getting ready to saddle the arab.  Horses are really coming along.  Ron starts his day making coffee then out with the dog to feed the horses. Then he's off to the chicken coop to rebuild this or rearrange that (he knows his chickens). Then he's off cleaning up the property, or cleaning tack, or shoeing horses.  He's collected a bunch of willows to hold up the canvas in the wagon on the ceiling. We've gutted the wagon and are going to start over and really "cowboy" it up!

Things are up in the air with this property, so we are leaning towards moving this operation to New Mexico - we just can't figure out where to go that has tourists and water and we don't have to feed hay year around, not to mention NO MISERABLE WINTERS! So, if any of you out there have any input, please let us know!  You can contact us any time at - give has a shout!