Well, the situation here got dire and Jayce decided it was time to find a good home and a better life for Maybelle, so my friend Dawn contacted her friend Susan at Dreamchaser Horse Rescue up in New River, Az - Susan showed up yesterday with her volunteer and we loaded her up for the trip to her new home with other donkeys and horses and lots of food and room. Susan was an amazing woman - been doing this for 25 years, even buys horses from the slaughter houses, so her bill every month is around 10K - she rasies the money by donations, and begging. She takes these animals to the rest homes and hospitals for petting and sets up in front of Petco to show the animals - everything she can to take care of them, so you or someone you know is interested in helping them out, the website is www.dreamchaserhorserescue.org  - I miss Maybelle.

Well, we woke up to 21 degrees this morning!!!! We are not prepared for all this, but fortunately all those warm clothes I brought that ron yelled at me about, came in handy.  As soon as Ron gets the rear wheel seal fixed on my pickup, we are going to head towards Tucson.  We still haven't heard about the parade job yet, so going to make a phone call today to see about it.  I've emailed everyone I can think of in Bandera, Texas to get some idea of where we can park ourselves when we get there so we can look around and assess the situation.

If anyone knows anyone in the Bandera area - please let us know at rustycowboys@gmail.com